Counseling Finder provides options to upgrade provider account.

There is also an option to send a request to admin in order to make their profile as Featured.They can choose the number of days and request will be sent to admin. Admin can either reject or approve the request by entering the price. A provider will receive confirmation of approval in their profile and need to pay the price defined by admin in order to get Featured.  Featured status will get expire after selected number of days.

Only those that are subscribed to Standard Package or Premium Packages will be added into the feature. The Beginner Package does not allow you the featured capability. So please do not send an email if you are only a beginner message, you will be rejected for this feature.

Upgrade Provider Account is where you will renew your account, although our system has automatic annual renewal that will automatically deduct from your account annually. You will be sent an renewal email to upgrade or pay your current package annually. Please make sure to reactivate your account annually or your account will be deactivated until payment is made to make your status active.