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Counseling Finder Online E-Therapy

How It Works?

With technology moving faster then ever you can now have an online individual or group therapy session right from your home or on the go. We have created an easier way for you to select who you feel comfortable with after reviewing their profile. Or search by specialties, insurances, types of professionals and much more. We have created a step by step guide below for you to enter for your first time online session or finding someone new to help you with your challenges. It is that easy to start instead of driving and waiting in an office.

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Find A Therapist or Psychologist

Search For Providers

We have a variety of professionals providing online session for individuals or groups. You can start searching online for counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers all online. With simple search, you can review their profiles, choose who you would like to meet and book an appointment. You can also search by insurances, certain specialties, online individual or online group sessions all with one click or several. Get started now in searching for a professional today.

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Counselors Contact Form

Have Questions Use The Contact Form

To the left panel on the Member's Profile you will see a contact form, where you can easily ask your question directly to the professional you are seeking. Enter you information to get a response to your questions before making your appointment. Its that easy to ensure this is the professional for you and can help you with your needs.

  • Simply Enter Your Information in the Contact Form
  • Wait for Response in Your Email Inbox
  • Your Questions Answered, Now You Can Make An Appointment
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Make An Appointment

How to Setup an Appointment

When you have selected a professional counselor you want to select on "Make An Appointment" in the header of the profile. This will prompt you to sign up or login as visitor, which is required to book your appointment. Then you will choose service for individual or group session and select the service amount. Next you will book your appointment time slot. You will then enter your contact details which your information is sent to the counselor. Finally the Payment Mode allows to pay online through PayPal or Stripe and finish. Please make sure to bookmark your selected professional to return for your appointment.

  • Sign Up / Login as Visitor
  • Select Make An Appointment in Profile Header
  • Choose Service Individual or Group & Service Amount
  • Book Appointment Time Slot (this can change depending on therapist schedule)
  • Enter Your Contact Details (this is sent to counselor selected)
  • Make Payment using PayPal or Stripe (Varies on Professional)
  • Bookmark The Page of Professional Selected
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Join Online Individual Or Group Session

How Do I Join Session

After you have made your appointment, you want to bookmark the professional you have selected to return to login in. You will see a section in the profile or VSEE, which both are HIPAA Compliant for your privacy. We have two forms of joining. Individual Online E-Therapy Session: Click on the Box with which is very easy to use. With one click, you will enter a room and you will be prompt to enter your email to enter the waiting room. Your counselor will then add you into her office to start your session. It is that easy. Group Online E-Therapy Session: For group room 3+ you will be required to download VSEE application to join group session. Once you have downloaded the application you can only then enter the group session. You will enter into the waiting room and wait for counselor to add you to session.

  • Return to Your Bookmarked Page
  • Choose Online Individual
  • Choose Group Session VSEE (Download Required For Privacy)
  • You will then click to enter Session at Your Appointment Time