Counseling Finder provides invoice system available in provider account. Provider can generate invoice for registered customer or guest customer. An email notification will be sent to customer upon creation.

Invoice generated will be listed in Invoice section of registered customer account. Registered customer can pay invoice from their account after login.

Guest user can pay invoice by clicking pay now button from email. Guest user will be redirected to provider profile page with payment option and invoice summary.


Add invoice

You can add an invoice on the right corner. The invoice allows you to resend another invoice to a past client to schedule the second appointment it automatically populates the customer’s name in the invoice and can customize the invoice for the client and service provided.


Edit invoice

Click on edit to make any changes to settings to change time, overdue, paid, cancel, pending to an existing order.


View invoice

To view the invoice, you will click on the view button to see the invoice status and who the client will be for your upcoming appointment. You will also be able to see another appointment and if payment has been made for the next appointment.


Send Reminder Mail

It is important to send a reminder email to your new clients and existing clients to remind them of their appointment. Counseling Finder service sends them the original booking order, but for follow up email it is easy to click in the mail logo to resend an email reminder for their upcoming appointment.