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Hanbleceya Primary Mental Health Treatment

Hanbleceya Primary Mental Health Treatment

hanbleceya-psychiatric-treatmentHow many of us know Hanbleceya? Who are they?

Okay, the best way I can explain this hidden gem of psychiatric treatment which sounds like “Humble Chia” in other words Hanbleceya. I personally got to see first hand the amazing work the facility is providing when it comes to treating mental health clients. They have been around for close to 40 years and they are tucked away in La Mesa, CA near San Diego, CA. Believe me, I am from California and I lived in La Mesa, and I never knew they existed until recently touring and learning more about their amazing service. I was able to see the program, meet the clinical team, and speak with the clients who are in the program from the beginning stages and clients who have been there a year later.

My first encounter was with a client who had been there for five days and he had been to five different treatment programs before arriving at Hanbleceya. We asked him, “do you think it will be different this time around and why?” he spoke and said, “for the first time, this program is not staff driven, but client focused.” Now, this is impressive to hear from someone who has been there only five days and understood their entire concept of treatment. Their modality of psychiatric and co-occurring addictions is not your typical Florida Model of treatment, where you are moved from one location to the next. They believe that the client should take responsibility in their life. They walk to and from treatment to their own accord. That means waking up on time, eating breakfast, and walking to the facility, which is only a few homes down the street. But it is real life for true recovery especially someone dealing with mental health and understanding how to manage it. Now I know what you are thinking, how can someone new to treatment walk back and forth from their home to the treatment center. When a client arrives for the first time, they are on a trial basis in the higher level of care with full monitoring. Then they are able to step down into the second phase of walking alone or if they still need assistance a representative would walk with them. Their program is set up in a way for long-term treatment from 90 days to 18 months. I had the privilege to meet another young man who struggled with thought disorder and autism. He had been in the program for 12 months. We began speaking with him and saw his homework assignment for college, which by the looks extremely challenging and it was chemistry. We asked him, “how has this program helped him?” He stated, “I had challenges in college to be able to focus, my thoughts would go all over the place.” We also asked, “What he wanted to do with his life?” He continued to say that he would like to provide a water system to third world countries. Wow…I knew this was an amazing place really helping people struggling with mental health be able to function in society and achieve their dreams. Hence this is why it has been a well kept place with a waiting list.

The best part of this place, it would be one of the first affordable long-term mental health programs I have found that is a private facility, not hospital-based psychiatric ward where people are getting better. I can confidently say they have it together that is why they have been here for 40 years and continue to do amazing work. They have the clinical team and psychiatric team that can support patients in healing and understanding of their diagnosis. The challenges many people face when searching for programs is cost, length of stay, and clinical treatment. They checked off all the markers. Mental health diagnosis is not easy to diagnosis within one month. The challenging part is medication, which can turn into trial and error where medication does not work for one person but work for another. It takes time to find the right fit for each client and that is why they are able to help their clients get better through time with mental health treatment. I can say this is a place everyone should know about and add to their resources. We are seeing a huge increase in primary mental health patients that are untreated, cycling through hospitals, homeless, and misunderstood all across the board. Hanbleceya understands thought disorders and severe mental illnesses, they have the ability to help people get better.

Learn more about Hanbleceya  or call 888-556-0107

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