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Gulf Coast Recovery

Live Life to the Max
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About Gulf Coast Recovery

We offer a healthy environment that encompasses education, counseling, motivation, fitness, nutrition and practice to teach each client how to live a high quality of life. We understand that health is not the absence of sickness. Our program believes in assisting the client in healing core challenges - thereby healing Dis-ease. Mission Gulf Coast Recovery is committed to endorsing and teaching a drug free lifestyle that offers emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being. We encourage each person to seek a balanced life that is fulfilling and follows their heart's desire. About Gulf Coast Recovery At Gulf Coast Recovery, we are committed to offering our clients unparalleled services for the treatment of substance abuse. The outpatient setting is open, which allows individuals the freedom to learn healthy social skills without an institutionalized setting. Making choices that serve each person's goals is our focus. Our sober living environment offers support as well as encouragement as each individual makes life changes and grows closer to their full potential. Our team is diverse and uniquely skilled in all aspects of total health and well being. In addition to traditional group, individual, and family counseling conducted by credentialed counselors, each client works with a certified natural health professional, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. We offer access to an extensive gym and far infrared saunas on a regular basis. The joining of these disciplines makes us forerunners in the treatment field while offering unprecedented results for our clients. Our counseling team works closely with each client to formulate a custom quality treatment experience. Each treatment plan is individualized to focus on the client's stated goals. Using 12-step program, clients gain the knowledge and basic understanding to establish and maintain a solid foundation to support their sober life choices. Our goal is to empower individuals to live a substance free lifestyle, have a healthy body, and provide knowledge, tools and enthusiasm to carry lasting health into the future.

Gulf Coast Recovery was created to provide a safe place in which recovery from alcohol and drug addiction could take place. We understand the ways in which substance abuse ruins lives and breaks apart families, however we believe we have found a solution for these problems.

The pages contained on our site give a brief overview of our drug treatment plan, as well as continued care both before and after substance abuse treatment. Our staff takes great pride and care in their work and the treatment options that we have provided are sure to meet the needs of any substance abuser, no matter how severe.

Our unique facilities and tranquil setting offer a relaxing environment for a very serene recovery. Gulf Coast Recovery, a drug alcohol rehab, also provides drug intervention referrals for those who are not yet willing to admit they have a problem, as well as transport services, wellness activities and extended care. Please also visit our monthly newsletter page where we discuss topics in-depth such as “The Effectiveness of Early Treatment” and “Interventions: Help for the Unwilling.” There is also information on the progression of alcoholism and addiction and much more.

Gulf Coast Recovery offers an answer to problems that once seemed hopeless. If you or someone you love has a problem with drugs or alcohol and needs help, please contact us today and find out more.

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