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The use of any product, service or feature available through the internet web site accessible at CounselingFinder.com, (collectively, the "Web Site") by any user of the Web Site ("You" and "I") shall be governed by the following rules

By access the Web Site, you agree to and do assume all responsibility in deciding or choosing to connect with a healthcare provider, including those treating mental health and/or substance abuse. CounselingFinder.com, its owners, parent organization, licensors, and affiliates, hereby disclaim, and You do not hold them harmless from, all liability of any kind of treatment recommendation, advice, other services rendered by any healthcare provider. This includes officers, directors, members, employees, and any other representatives in the Web Site.

Third Party Content

The Web Site makes information of third parties available, including articles, video conferencing, professionals, facilities, reviews, company information and data about mental health and/or substance abuse industry, (the "Third Party Content"). I acknowledge and agree that the Third Party Content is not created or endorsed by nor any business offering products or services through it. The provision of Third Party Content is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation or solicitation to services or purchase any of the services on the Web Site. In addition, the Third Party Content is not intended to provide any recommendation or advice regard appropriate course of mental health or substance abuse treatment for anyone. I acknowledge that the Third Party Content provided to me is obtained from sources believed to be reliable and that no guarantees are made by the Web Site or the providers of the Third Party Content as to its accuracy, completeness, timeliness. Although the Web Site accepts advertising from professionals and providers and other businesses, the content is not influenced by any of the advertisement or any advertising relationship. I agree not to hold the Web Site, any business offering products or services through the Web Site or any provider of Third Party Content liable for any professional decision or other transaction I may make based on my reliance on or use of such data, or any liability that may arise due to delays or interruptions in the delivery of the Third Party Content for any reason.

If you decide to utilize a professional service by using online therapy or group therapy or any other chat room, you will be directed to a third party video conferencing. We are not responsible nor do we keep any information on file in regards to your interaction in the sessions or with member. The Web Site is not held liable for any interaction in the sessions and you claim all risk associate with third party platforms by entering the site. Please review third party video conferencing platform terms of services before joining the online session.

Counseling Finder, its affiliates and its employees are not in the business of providing mental health or substance abuse advice to anyone outside of Counseling Finder and its affiliates. This content is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used or relied upon. If you see an inaccurate information contained in a members profile please contact [email protected] and describe the inaccuracy so changes can be made immediately upon verification. Although the Web Site provides information for substance abuse and/or mental health professionals, it is not intended to supplement, diagnosis, treatment plan or provide professional advice. It is recommended that you conduct your own investigation and gather all the necessary information before making an informed decision before selecting a professional or provider.


Trademarks and Copyrights.
Third Party Content is the property of its respective provider or its licensor and is protected by applicable copyright law as set forth below. I agree not to reproduce, retransmit, disseminate, sell, distribute, publish, broadcast, circulate or commercially exploit the Third Party Content in any manner without the express written consent of the Third Party Content Provider.

Nothing contained herein shall supersede, alter or nullify the terms of any other agreements I have or will make with any business providing professionals and providers resources or services through CounselingFinder.com.

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Jenny Dixon has been conducting research for facilities all across the World. From South Africa, Canada, and all across the United States of America. In doing research for families and individuals and using over 20 sites to finds resources felt it was time to create a better way in finding everyone on one site. .

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