ADHD Is Medication Always The Answer

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ADHD Is Medication Always The Answer

ADHD Is Medication Always The Answer

In recent years that has been a huge increase in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD in both children and adults. These diagnoses are often controversial because they are not based on any physical tests, but rather on observations about behavior. A child who is impulsive, restless, and appears to be inattentive may have ADHD or something else may be going on in the child's life. Too many times a diagnoses is made by a physician who then prescribes strong drugs, without taking the time to adequately assess the situation or to explore other avenues of treatment prior to writing these prescriptions. Which is why any parent who thinks their child may have ADHD should make sure that they take their child to a psychologist or psychiatrist that is trained to diagnose and treat ADHD.

Increasing Your Chances of a Proper Diagnoses

A psychologist or psychiatrist that is trained to diagnose and treat ADHD will spend some time talking to both the patient and patient family to gain all the information they can that will give them the information they need to determine if the patient does indeed have ADHD or whether or not there are other problems and issues that may explain the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. A good professional may even order a number of medical tests to rule out physical problems such as dyslexia, hearing difficulties, vision problems, and allergies and other issues than can result in many of the same behaviors that is associated with ADHD.

Treatment Shouldn't Begin With Medication

Even when ADHD is diagnosed medication should never be the first treatment option. A trained professional will usually suggest counseling and behavior modification as the first step in treatment to help the patient minimize their symptoms in an effort to perform better in school or at work, control their frustration which often results in temper tantrums, and improve their concentration and memory.

In some cases therapy alone may be enough to help the patient learn ways of minimizing their Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms and avoid those potentially dangerous medications whose long term effects are simply unknown. However, there will be times when therapy alone is simply not enough and the therapist will help the patient and/or the patient's parents explore other treatment options such as changes in diet, exercise, other options that may when combined with therapy make a huge difference and allow the patient to better control their ADHD symptoms.

Only when other treatment options have been explored or in cases where immediate control of ADHD symptoms are necessary should Psychotropic medications be prescribed and even then, therapy and other options should continue to be explored in an effort to remove the patient from these strong medications as soon as possible.

You do need to keep in mind that over the last few years a number of alternative treatments for ADHD have been tried with many of these treatments showing a great deal of promise, but in each and every case these treatments have been combined with therapy both as treatment for the ADHD itself, and to give the patient a safe person with whom to discuss their feelings about their condition and how it affects them.

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