Our mission at CounselingFinder.com is to provide real resources that have been vetted to making sure they are real providers and professionals treating mental health and addiction for people and their families to be able to connect with. We have one goal in mind in providing real voices with real people all across the United States in helping families find real places for healing. We are private directory and do not receive any funds from any government agencies. Our members pay a membership in order to become a member of our listing and we will vet their organization and services in order to make sure they are current on licensures and in good standing.


CounselingFinder.com is a national directory with counselors, therapists, addiction specialists, out-patient programs, inpatient treatment centers, transitional and sober housing, and so much more of resources in your area or outside your area depending on your needs. We have verified our providers to enhance user experience and continue to increase our national database.

We have also created an easy way to booking appointments with counselors within your state, which is required along with text therapy available with providers. Simply choose your therapist in any city of your state, then book an appointment for video sessions, text chat sessions or visit their office depending on your preference. You book the time slot and make the payment to schedule your next appointment. We are bringing the convenience to assist you in your every need. Please make sure to review the terms and conditions below. We are not responsible for the professionals treating you. Our only source in the directory is to provide you a variety of options within your area or outside.

Our systems give you the ability to search for specific cities, types of insurances accepted, specialty providers, online therapist, and so much more when it comes to search. We wanted to make it easier to find vetted professionals and providers that can help you start the path in healing.


We work with sponsoring featured providers and professionals to continue to support our organization to continue to help ensure calls are being answered, free of charge. Each provider and professionals profiles give you all their contact information so you can reach professionals immediately. If you are having challenges finding a provider or professionals please call our toll-free number at 1-800-517-2241 for immediate assistance with no cost to you. You can select and contact any of our members in our directory that fits your needs.

What to Expect on CounselingFinder.com?

Choosing the right place can be difficult, but with our system, it gives you the ability to narrow down your search in providers and professionals treating mental health and/or addictions. We provide you a national resource of programs and individual sessions all with our simple search platform. What you can expect on Counseling Finder now and in the near future:

  • National Directory Search – Our national directory gives the ability to search professionals and providers through insurance, locations, specialty treatment, online or in office, and much more.
  • Text Messenger Therapy – Simply click on online e-therapy to see professionals and make sure to select the state you reside in due to state requirements for a licensed counselor, therapists, and other professionals. You can then select professional, book an appointment, make weekly payment, and start chat therapy sessions via our text messenger system which is strictly confidential.
  • Video Therapy Session – Why travel to your therapist office when you can have the convenience of your home for private sessions online. Select a professional anywhere within your state you reside. Book your appointment, make payment, and bookmark the professional’s profile. You will return to their page for the session time slot. You will click on Doxy.me or you can download VSEE to enter the session.
  • Job Opportunities – If you are in search for a new career in the healthcare industry for substance abuse, mental health, eating disorders, or any other behavioral healthcare provider and customers will now have access to apply for new opportunities available.
  • Posting Jobs – If you are a recruiter or in human resources, you can now post jobs to our network of providers and customers seeking employment. We have a large network of professionals and new prospects in our industry looking for employment.
  • 12-Step Meeting Directory – Our national meeting directory gives you the ability to find 12-Step meetings in your area or outside your area.
  • Community Forums – Coming Soon
  • Professional Experts Provide Advice – Coming Soon

Counseling Finder is a new and better way when it comes to search. We recognized in all the years in helping people and families struggling with mental health and/or addictions that it was difficult to find real places to receive help. Most of the national directories are owned and operated by actual Treatment Centers. We are not and that is what makes us stand out. We are owned by independent people that saw a need for change so families calling 800 numbers know they are speaking to actual representatives for Counseling Finder and not an admission coordinator for a treatment center. We wanted to allow people and families to make their own decisions on providers that have been vetted.