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In just three simple steps, Counseling Finder will help you find your nearest counselor, therapists, psychologists, interventionist, treatment centers, inpatient and outpatient, or sober living without having to signup. We aim to facilitate you in finding your right therapist or facility with just three clicks without having to ask around or wander to find your nearest professional. We provide a national resource directory of verified professionals and providers treating all levels of care of mental health and/or addiction. Just choose Nearest Counselor or Nearest Treatment Center. Then click on your specialties.


Searching for a counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysis, psychotherapists, social workers, interventionist you find nearby.SEARCH NOW


Needing help for finding verified medical stabilization, inpatient & outpatient treatment, sober living options that is nearest you. SEARCH NOW

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Providing resources for online individual e-therapy and group e-therapy. Better way in telehealth and getting immediate help. SEARCH NOW

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You're a professional provider treatment mental health and/or substance abuse worldwide, Counseling Finder directory is the right place to list your office or facilityJOIN US NOW

With our simple format in searching for true professionals and providers, it is easy for our visitors to find what exactly your looking for in all levels of care in mental health and addiction.

Verifying Our Professionals and Providers For Our Visitors

We are providing options from verified providers and professionals treating mental health and addiction. We have created a safe place when it comes to searching for specialty services near our visitors. All our providers go under review before they are able to become a member.

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